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Lactose Free

Our authentic Mozzarella di Bufala is produced through the natural fermentation process which by its nature reduces and even eliminates the lactose. Here is a detailed explanation by Professor Claudio Manzoni of Italy to the benefits of authentic mozzarella di bufala.

"Since it is much better that the nutritional supply of glucose should take place through polysaccharides and not through oligosaccharides or monosaccharide, and since we saw that proteins and fats contained in milk are all alternative means to offset the body weight loss caused by metabolic processes affecting such substances, fresh mozzarella cheese is found on the whole to be a balanced nourishment because it is practically free of carbohydrates, since the lactose is lost due to the accelerated fermentation and production processes which are characteristic of this class of cheese.

Out of all types of cheeses, mozzarella has the most accelerated process of fermentation, namely of transformation of lactose (the oligosaccharide sugar in milk) into lactic acid. Moreover the production process includes a curd washing phase with abundant hot water which removes any possible lactose residue.

Hence of all types of cheese, mozzarella is the one containing the lowest level of lactose, which in fact is almost totally absent. It must also be noted that the lactose content in milk and cheese causes a subjective assimilation difficulty of those foods; Mozzarella owes its noted characteristic of highly digestible cheese precisely to the absence of lactose.

To carry out a hypo caloric diet, capable of bringing the obese person down to his/her ideal weight, without risk of nutritional deficiencies, fresh cheese represents the choice food that should therefore be used in continuity since it is advisable in all regular energetic diets. Mozzarella in particular has one of the lowest caloric levels of all types of cheese, and a balanced content of proteins and fats.

From this point of view, it is opportune to recall some special merits offered by nourishment such as fresh mozzarella:

  • considerable amounts of calcium and vitamin D
  • an amount of mineral salts inferior to seasoned or dry cheeses
  • an amount of lactic enzymes similar to that of yogurt, rich therefore in high pro-biotic qualities such as the production o vitamins of the B group
  • the useful unique presence of L-lactic acid, the only isomer of lactic acid compatible with the human organism, contrary to yogurt and other types of cheese which contain an equal amount of both L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid, the latter being non compatible with the human metabolism.” Professor Claudio Manzoni of Italy

Source: Bubalus Bubalis, California, USA