A Passion for Farms & Forests

For over 90 years — across three generations — our family has been managing our farm in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

We grew up running in the meadows, climbing trees, fishing in the streams and eating food grown from our land. We still live, play, and love it here. You could say that the life of the valley runs through our veins.

We would like to see the unique biodiversity of the land in our community and across Vancouver Island preserved. That’s why our cheese making begins with milk that uses a natural production system that uses the energy of the sun that’s stored in the leaves that fall on the ground that feed the microorganisms that release the stored energy that feeds the clover and the grasses that feed our cattle that give us milk.

We try to keep it simple. Green meadows. Happy cows and water buffalo. That’s where award-winning cheese begins.