ourcheesemaker_paulsutterPaul Sutter – Cheese Artisan

“Cheesemaking is magically transforming milk again and again.”

Paul Sutter grew up in a small town in Switzerland where most holidays were spent on his grandfather’s small dairy farm. He would milk the cows and deliver the fresh milk to local cheese factories. “Even as a child, I was fascinated by how milk could be turned into cheese.”

Years later, after training in Switzerland, Paul became a Head Cheesemaker and began honing his creative juices with cheese companies in Switzerland and British Columbia. In 2002, we invited him to join us at Natural Pastures Cheese Company and he wasted no time magically transforming our milk. Within months, Paul’s new cheeses garnered three Gold and two Silver medals at the Canadian Grand Prix — and that was just the beginning.

Cheese is Paul’s life. In every bite of our unique cheeses, you taste his hours of mixing, tailoring, aging and fine tuning. Transform your experience with cheese by tasting one of Paul’s creations.