What kind of pizza chef are you?

We love our pizza. It is the ultimate chameleon comfort food. Pizza can be fast and easy – or a labour of love spread over days. It can be a basic tomato sauce with cheese – or an elaborate balance of sweet and savoury. Cooked at precise indoor oven temperatures or thrown on the outdoor barbecue. No wonder pizza has been one of our favourite foods to make during the pandemic.

How you approach your pizza may vary, depending on your time and what you have on hand, but most of us fall solidly in one camp or another – the amateur, the home cook or the expert.

We invite you to join us watching this Epicurious video – found by clicking here – which follows three approaches to making pizza. It’s fun to see each cook walk us through their technique, and while there’s an explanation at the end which breaks down the science behind what enhances the flavour, the look of joy on the face of each as they take the first bite – è Perfetto!

The video is a bit of a time commitment – running 15 minutes – so if you want to bookmark it for later, here’s to get you going:

  • Use a high-protein flour if you want to create more puffiness and elasticity (and air bubbles) in your dough;
  • Canned tomatoes are picked at “peak ripeness” so they can create a sweeter sauce that their fresh, but possibly not as ripe, store-bought counterparts; 
  • Lower fat mozzarellas separate more easily when exposed to heat, creating an oily layer on the top of the pizza. Using whole milk mozzarella improves meltability;
  • Putting a layer of cheese before you spread the sauce helps combat a soggy crust. Pre-cooking your toppings also helps.

Tell us what kind of pizza cook you are – or aspire to be for a chance to win one one in five $100 gift cards to your local retail store that carries Natural Pastures Cheese! Are you the amateur, the home cook or the expert – To enter: Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your pizza photos to prove your point, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out ways to get more bonus entries!

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