Dear Natural Pastures

I have never written a cheese fan letter before but Thrifty’s was giving samples of Boerenkaas and I tried a piece and nearly swooned and promptly bought some. I hope they carry it for a long time because it may be the best thing I have ever eaten. It is a brilliant cheese. The best cheese I have ever tasted. It gave cheese a whole new name. I plan to serve it at every special event and dinner party I have. I wanted to thank you for bringing this new and wonderful thing into my life. I think I will write to Thrifty's and tell them this as  well. You are a cheese artist. I look forward to trying all your other cheeses and I wish you loads of success.

P. Horvath

Award Winning Producers of Specialty Cheeses

Taste Natural Pastures luscious artisan cheeses, all hand-made under the guidance of our Swiss Head Cheesemaker. We only use milk pure & fresh from local dairy farms, on Vancouver Island. You’re invited to savour the delicious “terroir” from these rare, privileged, coastal valley environments. The Smith family of Beaver Meadow Farms turned to cheesemaking in 2001 and their sustainable, world-class standards have already produced a range of cheeses receiving renowned world and national awards. Natural Pastures’ traditional artisan procedures and aging take time, with attentive, professional care at our federally inspected (CFIA) facility located in the city of Courtenay.

Environmental Stewardship

We use only fresh milk produced on our selected Farms, which practice sustainable farming and animal stewardship. These local dairy farms are committed to environmental sustainability, and the natural wildlife habitat has been enhanced. Our enhanced stream habitats raise thousands of wild Coho Salmon each year.

When you taste Natural Pastures cheeses you’ll experience the delicious reasons for their 40-plus prestigious national and international awards. You’re invited to savour pure winners!

Edgar Smith

Featured on CTV News.
Link to video for more.
ORU // Comox Valley ORU Executive Chef Darren Brown shares his tour with Edgar Smith of Natural Pastures Cheese.
3 minutes.

Episode 1: The Local Gourmet — Act 1: Wasabi, West Coast Style

“Edgar Smith, co-proprietor of Natural Pastures Cheese Company tells us how the Smith Family came to create their world-class range of hand-made artisanal cheeses including the unique Wasabi Verdelait…” Listen to The Pursuit of Pleasure audiocast. Join Us for The Pursuit of Pleasure.

Listen to Edgar Smith’s full interview (MP3, 15 minutes)

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A word about trans fats...

“We are at a point with the science where there is important information to deliver to the consumer on natural trans fats and how they are different from the ‘bad’ [industrial] trans fats they have so often heard about. The aim of the website is to help consumers, and nutrition advocates, recognize the difference between industrial and natural trans fats and the basics of what this means for their health and for making good food and dietary choices. Over time, it will also include more in-depth information for people involved in interpreting the science and providing nutritional and health advice.”

Dr. Spencer Proctor, Director of the Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases Laboratory at the University of Alberta in Canada, and leading researcher on natural fats, is science advisor to a new website that presents fresh thinking about trans fats.