We buy our water buffalo milk from two progressive, sustainable farms on Vancouver Island that share a passion for the emerging sector of water buffalo farming.

McClintock’s Farms

In the agriculture rich Comox Valley, Gerry, Val and Sandra McClintock’s farmstead in Dove Creek has been farmed since 1876. As past-president of the Comox Valley Farmers’ Institute, Gerry likes to lead by example; since purchasing their farm in 1988, they have specialized in premium, sustainably grown produce and have now boldly ventured into dairy farming with water buffalo.

Coleman Meadows Farm

Surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers and wildlife, the 171-acre Coleman Meadows Farm practices an ecosystem approach to farming that integrates plant and animal production. Owners Russell, Jennifer and Edward Dyson are committed to producing healthy foods without compromising the environment or future generations’ ability to do the same. An added bonus is that the water buffalo are “loving and endearing” and love to interact with humans.

At Natural Pastures, we consider ourselves lucky to be working with local people who are passionate, not only about water buffalo, but sustainable farming. Thanks to the love and remarkable dedication these farmers show their water buffalo and their land, our customers can regale in healthy, fresh, rich Mozzarella di Bufala, Buffalo Bocconcini, Buffalo Paneer and Buffalo Brie.

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