Natural Pastures Cheese… Perfect for Pairings

“The voluptuous nature of a high fat content cheese and the warmth of the tea is quite seductive.” Boston-based tea sommelier Cynthia Gold

Tea pairs well with cheese because, like wine, tea contains tannins that produce the tart, astringent quality that lingers after you take a sip and that lend the tea its colour.

Triple Cream Camembert

Triple Cream Camembert pairs beautifully with the delicate flavours of a Darjeeling or a full-bodied black tea.

Comox Brie or Comox Camembert

The creaminess of our Comox Brie and Comox Camembert can be enjoyed with a clean, fresh Japanese sencha or an astringent Darjeeling.


The slightly salty, nutty taste of Boerenkaas is complimented by the most renowned of all Chinese green teas, Lung Ching Dragonwell (or Dragon Well) that also has a nutty flavour. The subtle sweetness of the tea balances the saltiness of the cheese. Or try Boerenkaas with sweet, floral teas like an oolong or Keemun.


The sweet, buttery taste and nutty overtones of our Amsterdammer is well paired with full-flavoured teas like Keemun and Ceylon.