Fresh Cheeses

Our fresh cheeses offer clean simplicity but with layers of subtle, Island flavour. Our Mozzarella and Bocconcini di Bufala are handcrafted in the old world tradition with the rare, pure white milk of the water buffalo.

From quick snacks to luscious lasagna, our fresh cheeses are versatile and uplift any dish. For an extra, exotic treat, replace mozzarella or bocconcini in any recipe with our Mozzarella or Bocconcini di Bufala. Mamma mia!

Fresh Curds

Protein-rich, squeaky fresh, plump nuggets of flavour. A favourite, go-anywhere-anytime food. Perfect for soups, salads, omelettes and traditional poutine.

Our fresh curds are perfect for a healthy, protein-rich snack you can grab from the fridge in a hurry. Add these plump nuggets of flavour to your hot soup or chili.

Mozzarella di Bufala

Authentic Italian mozzarella made with 100% local water buffalo milk from Island farms. Pure white, firm on the outside and moist creaminess on the inside. Delivers a simple yet profound taste that unfolds in layers of flavour and texture.

2007 British Empire Cheese Competition, Third Place, Pasta Filata Type


Bocconcini di Bufala

Experience the first authentic Bocconcini di Bufala made in Canada! Tender and moist with 100% local water buffalo milk from Vancouver Island farms.

Cherry Bocconcini

Tender, moist, cherry-sized Bocconcini made with fresh Island milk. Perfect decorative additions to appetizers and salads. Store in its brine and, for best flavours and texture, serve at room temperature or warm.