Award-winning, Vancouver Island Artisan Cheese

Since their inception, Natural Pastures has won numerous national and international awards, including World Championship Gold and Silver Medals and a World Cheese Awards Silver Medal.

WholesaleOverviewYEAR STARTED: 2001

LOCATION: Federally inspected production facility in Courtenay in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island

HISTORY: Brothers Phillip, Edgar and Doug Smith and businessman Rick Adams founded Natural Pastures in 2001. They were joined shortly after by Swiss Cheesemaker, Paul Sutter.

TERROIR: Natural Pastures artisan cheeses are known for their unique, delicious taste due in part to their terroir—coastal pastures watered by ocean fog and rain, with lush grass grown in the pristine soils of Vancouver Island.

PRODUCTION STANDARDS: Natural Pastures cheese is handmade using artisanal, Swiss cheesemaking traditions. Under the guidance of Paul Sutter, our Head Cheesemaker originally from Switzerland where he was trained, we offer consistent quality and delivery. Mr. Sutter continually fine-tunes cultures, temperatures, and ingredients to create Natural Pastures cheese.

Natural Pastures is a HACCP certified facility (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – a management system where food safety is addressed through analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards.) 

DISTRIBUTION AND SHIPPING: Though we follow artisanal cheese making traditions to create a distinctive product, we are managed as a progressive, professional company with the infrastructure to meet today’s retail and distribution requirements. We ship across Canada with proven distributors and are working with U.S. distributors to serve this market place.

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