Semi-Soft, Semi-Firm & Firm Cheeses

From buttery soft to bold tanginess, choose your favourite from our handcrafted semi-soft, semi-firm and firm cheeses.

Need a soft cheese for cooking? Make it sweet, buttery Amsterdammer. Looking for bolder flavours for an omelette? You’ll be happy you tried our Boerenkaas. Want to show off unique, Vancouver Island foods on your cheese plate? Our Courtenay Cheddar and Smoked Boerenkaas are sure to impress.


A favourite with Comox Valley locals with a creamy, buttery aroma. A perfect cheese for cooking, melting and sandwiches.

2004 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Finalist, Semi-Soft Cheese
2002 British Empire Cheese Show, First Place
2002 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Finalist, Semi-Soft Cheese


Courtenay Cheddar

The ‘terroir’ is the sense of place of a cheese or a wine that is conveyed by the distinctive flavours of its geographical location and the environment in which it is ‘grown.’ Salty ocean air, melting glaciers that feed the rivers, fog and rain that generously quench the meadows and the forests: our Courtenay Cheddar embodies the essence of the lush Comox Valley.


Dutch for ‘Farmer’s Cheese,’ award-winning Boerenkaas has a sweet nutty flavour and bold, tangy finish. Superb in soups, salads, omelettes and pizzas.

2004 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Finalist, Firm Cheese
2002 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Category Winner, Semi-Soft Cheese


Smoked Boerenkaas

National Champion Boerenkaas is naturally smoked at our facility using local hardwoods. A superb West Coast experience on multiple levels.

2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, Finalist, Flavoured Cheese