Natural Pastures Cheeseā€¦ Perfect for Pairings

Comox Brie & Comox Camembert

Pear & Cheese
Serve generous pieces of our Brie or Camembert with thin slices of firm pear on either crackers or baguette.

Cheese & Fresh Fruit Platter
Brie and Camembert are perfect with fresh or dried fruit, nuts and crackers.

Click here to download our recipe for Cranberry Glazed Natural Pastures Comox Brie.


Baking with Amsterdammer & Fruit
Amsterdammer melts beautifully so use it in your favourite baking recipes with fruit.

Cheese Fondue
Amsterdammer makes for a decadent fondue cheese. Dip with strawberries and slices of pear, pineapple and banana.

Our Amsterdammer has a mellow, sweet, buttery taste that complements most fruit.