whypeopleroundphotoTransform your Experience with Cheese

People have told us that tasting Natural Pastures cheese transforms their experience with cheese. That’s probably because our cheese isn’t just cheese — it’s natural art that evokes an Island.   

In every bite of our lovingly handcrafted, artisan cheese, you experience the ocean mist, the cool rains and the warm sun, the tall cedars surrounded by swordferns, and the clear streams rushing by lush, grassy meadows in flower. Every Natural Pastures cheese embodies all that is naturally good about Vancouver Island.

Fresh Island milk from local cows and water buffalo lends a healthy richness to every cheese. Rich, pure white milk bestows porcelain smoothness. When further aged, our cheese proffers the bold, unique complexity of life in our valley.

People love to eat Natural Pastures cheese because they love the wholesome, inspired taste of the Island. Transform your experience with cheese by trying one of our cow milk or water buffalo milk cheeses.