Natural Pastures Cheese… Perfect for Pairings

Comox Brie, Comox Camembert & Triple Cream Camembert

Jam, Cheese & Crackers (or baguette)
For a simple appetizer, place slices of Comox Brie, Comox Camembert or Triple Cream Camembert with a dollop of your favourite chutney or jam on crackers or baguette. Try a spicy ginger chutney to wake up your palate.

Red Pepper Jelly & Warm Comox Brie
Preheat oven to 350F, place Comox Brie in a brie baker (tin foil will also do) and spread Red Pepper Jelly on top. Cook for 10-15 minutes until warm and serve with crackers. (If you like things really hot, try a Jalapeno Jelly!)

Grilled Jam & Cheese Sandwich
Jazz up your standard Grilled Cheese by using our Brie or Camembert with a small amount of tart jam. Warning: this is addictive!

In our recipe for Cranberry Glazed Natural Pastures Comox Brie, you can replace the Cranberry Marmalade with a chutney or tart jam.

Cracked Pepper Verdelait & Pacific Pepper Verdelait

Cheese & Marmalade
A small amount of orange marmalade (or your favourite jam) is the perfect companion for the spiciness of our Cracked Pepper Verdelait or Pacific Pepper Verdelait. For true decadence, add a small piece of chocolate (or a big piece).


Boerenkaas Cheese & Jam
If you prefer a sweet jam, try combining it with Boerenkaas—this slightly salty cheese will balance the sweetness of the jam.