Taste fresh, award-winning local cheese  –  and help grow our local food economy!

We feel privileged to live on Vancouver Island where we are surrounded by ocean, meadows, rivers and mountains. The pristine environment on Vancouver Island plays a part in the success of our cheeses that have garnered international awards from the most discriminating cheese lovers.

Many wholesome foods blossom from this natural abundance and we relish the pairing of Natural Pastures cheese with local wines, jams and other artisan foods.If you are on or near Vancouver Island, you are fortunate to have access to the freshest and tastiest Natural Pastures cheeses that have just left our shelves.

In addition to regaling on fresh, award-winning cheese, when you buy sustainably produced Natural Pastures cheese, you also support your local suppliers, local families, local land and your community.

In other words, just by enjoying fresh, tasty cheese, you invest in the Island’s future, your future. Now that’s something we can buy – and bite – into!

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This project is supported by the BC Government’s Buy Local Program; delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC with funding from the BC Ministry of Agriculture.