Edgar Smith, President

Edgar Smith, President

Discovering the Creative Potential of Fresh Milk

In 2001, our family’s Heritage Dairy Farm came to a crossroads and, determined both to preserve our values and to diversify our offerings, we founded Natural Pastures Cheese Company.

One year later, our small, artisan cheese company was joined by Swiss Master Cheesemaker, Paul Sutter. Like us, Paul embraced, one-hundred-and ten-percent, the creative potential of fresh milk. At Natural Pastures, all of our traditional and inspired cheeses are handcrafted with the fresh, wholesome milk of Island cows and water buffalo.

Over the years, we’ve never shied away from trying new things, new ways, all while preserving the best practices from the past. From our beginnings, this bold combination of traditional and inspired approaches has resulted in award-winning cheese at national and international competitions.

With almost 20 unique cheeses under our belt, we could probably just sit back and focus on our true passion: finding 101 ways to eat Natural Pastures cheese (of course!). However, we’ve been having too much fun creating new cheeses with rich, subtly flavoured local water buffalo milk.

The company has since outgrown what our Heritage Dairy Farm can provide, and we now purchase milk from other cow and water buffalo farms on the island.

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