Best snacks for hiking, biking & picnicking.

Spring has sprung!

At least in BC it has.

We’re getting out more and more with the kids for outdoor adventures. And to keep us going, we pack a hearty snack that is healthy, easy to deal with, and portable!

Here are some fun snack ideas for your next bike ride, picnic, or hike in the woods:

1) Homemade “Lunchables”!

Of course, cheese and crackers are an easy win and great snacks for hiking. Customize these snack kits to suit your wee ones tastes. We have a variety of ring molds and cookie cutters at our house, making it simple to cut the cheese to match the cracker size. Uniformity is key!

  • We like Aged Farmhouse, deli ham, and a cracker of choice, often Ritz.
  • Or try Comox Camembert on a crunchy Raincoast Crisp with fig jam.
  • Or, Garlic & Chives Verdelait with smoked salmon.

All of these go in a Bento Box, which you can find anywhere at your local department store, variety store, or online.  

2) Tortilla Rollups!

In our camping days, we often pack several peanut butter & jam tortilla rollups and they are the prized item of the trip. You can really wrap anything in a tortilla and it will be amazing (provided you are eating it outside!).

Lately we go for slices of Courtenay Cheddar, or Amsterdammer, turkey, and spinach with a spread of spicy English mustard like Keens, or even a spinach or onion dip, all wrapped in a tortilla. If you fold these like a burrito, there is little chance for mess. These wrap up nicely in a beeswax wrap, a sandwich bag, or even some parchment paper.

3) Greek Salad.

We love a salad with big chunks of Buffeta, chopped red onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and black olives, all tossed in olive oil, oregano, some red wine vinegar and a little salt and pepper. We use mason jars to store these, or in a plastic container.

Fresh and delish! Bring a hunk of bread for a bigger day outside.

What’s your go-to adventure snack? Hit us up with ideas – we’d love to hear them.

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