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Water buffalo milk is thicker, richer and nutritionally superior to cow’s milk, and it is pure white. Our water buffalo milk is sourced from Island farms where the gentle water buffalo forage for grass and herbs.

Natural Pastures Cheese Strikes Gold at the Royal Winter Fair 2023 with Bufetta – A Water Buffalo Milk Delight


COURTENAY, BC, CANADA — January 9, 2024

Natural Pastures Cheese, a renowned artisanal Canadian cheese producer located in Courtenay, British Columbia, is thrilled to announce its recent triumph at the prestigious Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. The esteemed competition, held in 2023, saw Natural Pastures Cheese’s Bufetta, a delectable water buffalo milk product, clinch the Gold Medal in recognition of its exceptional quality and flavor. Since November 1922, Toronto has held the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is a tribute to Canadian agriculture. Held annually at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds, it has been considered the world’s largest indoor agricultural, horticultural and equestrian fair.

Bufetta, crafted with precision and care, exemplifies Natural Pastures Cheese’s commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and employing traditional cheese-making techniques. Made with non-GMO, grass-fed water buffalo milk, and “BC Dairy” cow milk (made with 70 % Water buffalo milk and 30% Cow milk) Bufetta boasts a distinct profile that sets it apart from your average feta. The rich, creamy texture and unique flavor have made it a sought-after choice among chefs and food enthusiasts.

The heart and soul behind Natural Pastures Cheese’s success lie in the expertise of its master cheese maker, Paul Sutter, of Swiss descent. With many years of dedicated service to the company, Paul Sutter has played a pivotal role in developing and perfecting the water buffalo products that have now earned them the prestigious Gold Medal at the Royal Winter Fair.

“We are truly honored and delighted to receive the Gold Medal at the Royal Winter Fair for Bufetta,” said Doug Smith – Operations Manager at Natural Pastures Cheese. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and passion of our team, particularly our master cheese maker, Paul Sutter. His expertise and dedication have been instrumental in creating exceptional water buffalo milk products. We extend our gratitude to the Royal Winter Fair for providing a platform to showcase the best in Canadian cheese.”

The Royal Winter Fair is renowned for its rigorous judging process, making Natural Pastures Cheese’s Gold Medal win a significant achievement. This accolade further solidifies the company’s standing in the Canadian cheese industry and highlights its dedication to producing exceptional artisanal cheeses.

For more information about Natural Pastures Cheese and its award-winning Bufetta, please visit [website link].

About Natural Pastures Cheese: Natural Pastures Cheese is a distinguished artisanal cheese producer located in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada. Committed to crafting high-quality cheeses, the company focuses on using the finest ingredients and traditional cheese-making techniques to deliver exceptional flavors. Distribution is available through Lekker Food Distributors, Gordon Foods Services and select distributors across Western Canada and Ontario.

Media Contact: Media Contact Person’s Anyssa Jane – General Manager, Natural Pastures Cheese 250-334-4422

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Water Buffalo Babies – Shaw TV Port Alberni

The water buffalo love their creature comforts. Cleaning and new bedding means they have to leave the barn. Which means they have to go outside. Check out this video from Shaw TV, on when they get moving. Filmed at Coleman Meadows in Port Alberni.

Our water buffalo milk comes from Coleman meadows and McClintock Farms here on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada!