Embark on a Culinary Adventure

“Embark on a Culinary Adventure: Island Gourmet Trails Unveils the Flavours of Comox Valley, One Bite at a Time!”

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley beckons with its fusion of oceanic beauty and verdant expanses. A hidden culinary gem, this region boasts award-winning cheeses that derive their distinct flavours from the pristine environment.

At the heart of the Comox Valley lies our Artisan Cheese Shop in Courtenay, where both locals and visitors are warmly welcomed. Our passion for cheese often sparks engaging conversations, especially with the groups led by Island Gourmet Trails owner Gaetane Palardy. She offers enthralling day tours, guiding you through the valley’s lush landscapes to savor the essence of the area.

Located in the heart of Vancouver Island, Comox Valley has an abundance of organic farm products, fresh seafood, superb wines, and more. Whether you call the Island home or are passing through, set out on a culinary adventure with Island Gourmet Trails!

Unveiling a Tapestry of Flavours and Culture

Founder and tour operator, Gaetane Palardy, a seasoned chef and who has travelled the world, curates experiences that ensure you’re embraced as a friend wherever you go. Her enthusiasm for local products is contagious, and she is always delighted to share some of her favourites with you.

“It is always a pleasure to bring visitors on a tasting tour with Island Gourmet Trails to the Natural Pastures shop. They are happy to learn that so many varieties of quality cheeses are made here in the Comox Valley. It is a great opportunity for them to get some cheeses to eat during their trip or to bring home.” 

Gaetane Palardy, Owner and Tour Operator, Island Gourmet Trails

There is no need to worry about your itinerary, or how to navigate the Valley. The team at Island Gourmet Trails customize your tour ahead of time. All you have to do is enjoy the beautiful scenery and be entertained with local history and stories.

Savour the Local

This is your passport to the behind-the-scenes narratives! Meet local producers and see the passion they put into their products. Find out what makes them unique to the area. You might even pick up some trade secrets to try at home. Then learn where the locals go! You will hear about so many additional activities and places to visit during your stay. Gaetane and her well-informed guides are happy to share suggestions to make your stay memorable beyond your tour.

What might you see on a tour of the Comox Valley?

Did you know the area is home to over 400 farms and is Canada’s top oyster producer? Every corner unveils something delightful to sip or savor. Island Gourmet Trails empowers you to relish this culinary abundance. Traverse bustling farmers’ markets, indulge in wineries, raise a toast at craft breweries and distilleries, and relish the artistry of bakeries and organic farms.

The journey extends to picturesque orchards, world-renowned cheese factories (ours included!), organic chocolatiers, oyster and scallop farms, vibrant fishing docks, and fragrant lavender farms.

Your Food Odyssey Awaits

Ready to embark on an unparalleled escapade blending food and fun? Gaetane and her guides await, eager to accompany you on a day-long exploration of the Comox Valley. Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter or a budding epicurean, this journey has something to delight you.

Your next adventure is just a click away at Island Gourmet Trails. Bon app├ętit and happy trails! 🍴😋

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