Fresh Curds

Protein-rich, squeaky fresh, plump nuggets of flavour. A favourite, go-anywhere-anytime food. Perfect for soups, salads, omelettes and traditional poutine.

“Savor the Flavor: Fresh Cheese Curds from Natural Pastures Cheese Company”

Our cheese curds are made fresh each week, ensuring you receive the utmost in flavor and texture. We use only the highest quality milk from local dairy farms, making our curds rich, creamy, and packed with that authentic “squeak” you love. Each batch is carefully crafted by our skilled cheese artisans, resulting in curds that are consistently irresistible.

Wholesale and Retail:
For businesses looking to offer the finest cheese curds to their customers, we offer competitive wholesale options through GFS and Lekker as our distributors. Our curds come in various sizes and packaging to suit your needs, and we are dedicated to delivering on time, ensuring your shelves are always stocked with the freshest cheese curds.

Retail customers can also indulge in our cheese curds. Whether you’re planning a weekend picnic, a family gathering, or just a tasty snack, our curds are available for individual purchase. Visit our retail store in Courtenay, BC, or explore our online options for easy ordering and nationwide delivery.

Explore the Flavors:
Discover the delightful world of cheese curds at Natural Pastures. From classic white cheddar curds to exciting flavored options, we offer a variety that will satisfy every palate. Our commitment to using natural ingredients and traditional cheese-making methods ensures you get a truly authentic taste with every bite.

Contact Us:
Get in touch with us to place your order, ask questions, or learn more about our cheese curds. We’re here to provide you with the best cheese experience Courtenay, BC, has to offer.

Savor the flavor of fresh cheese curds at Natural Pastures Cheese Company. Explore our wholesale and retail options and experience the true taste of local craftsmanship. Your cheese journey begins here!

Cheese curds - squeaky cheese

Mozzarella di Bufala

Authentic Italian mozzarella made with 100% local water buffalo milk from Island farms. Pure white, firm on the outside and moist creaminess on the inside. Delivers a simple yet profound taste that unfolds in layers of flavour and texture.

Bocconcini di Bufala

Experience the first authentic Bocconcini di Bufala made in Canada! Tender and moist with 100% local water buffalo milk from Vancouver Island farms.

Cherry Bocconcini

Tender, moist, cherry-sized Bocconcini made with fresh Island milk. Perfect decorative additions to appetizers and salads. Store in its brine and, for best flavours and texture, serve at room temperature or warm.