Grilling Cheese: A Primer

Back in the day, the Food Network taught a legion of would-be BBQ masters to grill salmon on a plank of cedar.

Cool! So what’s next? Time to up your grilling game using our favourite ingredient: cheese!

Grilling Cheese on a BBQ or Cedar Plank: Camembert (or Brie)

The cool part about grilling cheese on a cedar plank is this: as the cheese melts, the moisture pulls out the flavour of the cedar and imbues it into your protein.

First, brush your Camembert / Brie with olive oil and place on your cedar plank in a 450 degree BBQ, or place directly on the grill to give it the signature singe marks. Put the lid down and leave for 2 mins.

Brush the other side and gently flip, grilling for another 2 minutes.

Before you grill, make sure to check the rind for any holes – if there are holes, the cheese will melt out. If your rind is solid – you’re good to go.

We like topping a grilled Camembert / Brie with a balsamic reduction drizzled over chopped nectarines, cherries, plums, or your favourite stone fruit.

Simply pour a half a cup of balsamic into a pot, and boil until it reduces by half and coats the back of a spoon. All set for drizzling!

More Ideas

Pacific Wildfire Burgers.

Our hot and spicy verdelait was meant for grilled burgers! Top your burger with grilled red onion, jalapenoes, and melted Pacfic Wildfire. Be sure to add a nice stout of your choosing to wash everything down.

Grilled Buffalo Paneer Kebabs

Using cubed paneer, beefsteak tomatoes, red onions, bell pepper, and a generous shake of Montreal Steak Spice for seasoning. Heck yes!

Cheese Hats – for burgers or sandwiches. What is a cheese hat? Grate a saucer sized amount of our Courtenay Cheddar onto hot non-stick skillet. Leave it to cook until the cheese is all melted and bubbly, and slightly browned underneath. Then gently flip with a spatula and do the same to the other side. you can make it super crispy, or more gooey. Great for kids who require a jaunty cheese hat on their burger or sammy.

So what say you? Have you got the chops to grill cheese? Tag us on instagram @naturalpasturescheese and show us your grilled cheese creations!