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Now for Something a Little Different 

You’ve tried our Comox Brie on your cheese board, and baked a few in the oven topped with dried fruit, honey, and nuts. Awesome! You are a cheese fan!

But how about something a little more adventurous?

Buffalo Paneer

Never cooked with a Paneer cheese before? No worries, it’s easy and delicious! A protein-rich staple in South East Asia, and with good reason. Paneer is a firmer cheese that holds up well to grilling and pan-frying. If you’ve ever had haloumi in the greek dish saganaki, paneer has a similar hearty quality. With grill season well on its way, it’s a great time to try this out. You are actually looking for grill marks on this cheese. It won’t melt into your grill!

Marinated Bocconcini

Have you avoided Bocconcini because of the too-mild flavour? Amp up the texture and flavour by breading and frying: you’ll get a crunchy, savoury exterior and a smooth, delicious centre. We love treating our bocconcini the traditional Italian way, by marinating with herbs and olive oil. You’ll find this dish all over Italy with good reason, it brings out the flavour in the mild cheese and serves as a great accompanyment to summery BBQ’s and picnic meals on the patio.   

Pacific Wildfire 

How about turning up the heat? But how spicy is spicy? Don’t fear, our Pacific Wildfire cheese won’t melt your face off – but it will melt perfectly into egg dishes, nachos, or your BBQ’d pizza. We’re talking about a perfectly balanced warm hum blended with a smokiness that mellows your soul. All the more excuse to pair with beer or a nice chilled white! 

Try this nice beer dip using our smoky favourite, Pacific Wildfire.

Stay tuned for more recipes and pairings as the sunny season gets underway. And stay safe out there everybody.

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